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getting started

starting deck

A Standard Deck for Archaic Realms contains 60 cards minimum and 100 cards maximum. There are limits on each card type:

  • 1 core Hero card.

  • Any number of other Creature Hero cardsMaximum of 1 of each, cannot be the core Hero.

  • Any number of Creature Champion cardsMaximum of 1 of each.

  • Any number of Creature Guardian, Recruit or Follower cardsMaximum of 2 of each.

  • Any number of Spell Conjure or Flash cardsMaximum of 2 of each.

  • Any number of Equipment cardsMaximum of 1 of each.

  • Any number of Archaic Energy cardsNo limit.


to begin

Pre-Game Phase:

  1. Roll: Players roll the Archaic Realms TCG 20-sided dice.

  2. Order: The highest roller starts, followed by others in clockwise order.

  3. Hero Reveal: Place your Hero card face up in the 'Hero Zone' on the Playmat.

  4. Deck Setup: Shuffle your deck and place it face down in the 'Deck Zone' on the Playmat.

Game Start Phase:

  1. Draw: Each player draws 7 cards. Keep these cards secret.

  2. Hand Veto (Optional): Before the game starts, you may shuffle your initial hand back into the deck, then redraw 7 new cards. Only once.


to win

To win, reduce your opponent's life total to 0.

  1. Each player begins with a life total of 30.​

  2. Creatures can attack during combat phase.

  3. If no defenders are assigned, attacking creatures deal damage directly to the player.

  4. Spells can deal direct damage to players.

Remember, in Archaic Realms TCG, careful management of your creatures and spells, along with strategic decisions on when to attack and defend, are key to victory!

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