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The fractured
Realms of Arcana

The Arcana Realm was once engulfed in a monumental war between two mighty factions: the Divine and the Shadow. This cataclysmic conflict led to the shattering of the ancient core, a powerful source that maintained the balance and laws of Archaic Energy in the world.


As a result of this shattering, fragments of the core were scattered across The Arcana Realm, becoming sources of immense power and influence. In the aftermath of the war, the world saw the rise of six distinct factions, each drawing power from different aspects of the realm: the Divine, Shadow, Volcanic, Ocean, Life, and Mech.


These factions now vie for control and mastery over the scattered fragments, each seeking to harness their power for their own ends. The players of Archaic Realms step into this fractured world, commanding Heroes, casting Spells, and summoning Creatures to claim victory in a land still healing from the scars of the great war.



In the enchanting world of Arcana, the Divine faction stands as a symbol of triumph and Control, having emerged victorious in the great war that once ravaged the lands. Renowned as the steadfast guardians of Archaic Energy, a mystical force that pulses at the heart of their world, the Divine uphold its ancient laws with faith and order.


Their majestic capital, a city that floats serenely in the skies, a marvel of magic and architecture. Resplendent in its beauty and grandeur, serves not only as the seat of their power but also as a constant reminder of their governance over the Archaic Energy that shapes the Realms.


In the darkest corners of Arcana, the Shadow faction dwells, marked by the haunting past from their defeat in the great war. Defiant breakers of the law of Archaic Energy, they manipulate this ancient power. Delving into the darker aspects of magic that others dare not touch.


Their stronghold, an imposing undead citadel, stands as a chilling testament to their chaotic practices. This eerie fortress, shrouded in perpetual darkness, allows their necromancers to Summon an army of the dead. Within its walls, the Shadow leaders plan their return to power, to take the lands of Arcana as their own and to start the next war.



In the fiery depths of Arcana, the Volcanic faction was forged, known for their aggressive use of Archaic Energy. Unconcerned with the ancient tales of the first war and the aftermath, they harness the raw, explosive power of this primordial force, channeling it in ways that are as unpredictable as they are destructive.


Their stronghold dwells within the Eternal volcano, a roaring giant of fire and ash that empowers their Aggression. Within this seething cauldron of power, the Volcanic thrive in the heart of Arcana. Rivers of lava and plumes of smoke, serve as a symbol of the Volcanic will and independence, a constant reminder to all of Arcana that some forces cannot be contained.


In the vast, serene depths of Arcana lies the Ocean faction, a quiet yet profound mastery of Archaic Energy. Long before the chaos of the great war, they slept dormant, like the calm before a storm. With a philosophy deeply rooted in Defense and preservation, the Ocean faction harness Archaic Energy in gentle, flowing ways, mirroring tides they call home.


Their underwater kingdom is a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty, hidden away from the turmoil of the surface. Amidst the coral towers and bioluminescent gardens, the Ocean faction live in harmony, avoiding conflict and maintaining peace. Shielded by the depths they remain safe, but war is coming.



The Life faction stands as the nurturing preservers of Archaic Energy, embodying growth and renewal. Deeply affected by the ravages of the great war, they saw the grievous wounds inflicted upon Arcana. A profound sense of purpose, the Life faction is dedicated to Healing and rebuilding Arcana and its creatures.


They flourish within the World Tree, an enchanting kingdom that radiates with verdant magic. This sacred tree, a colossal and life-giving entity, stretches its branches to the skies, their kingdom interwoven within, resonates a healing aura. In this serene haven, the Life faction continues their tireless work, a testament to their unwavering commitment to restore balance and vitality to Arcana.


On the edge of Arcana, the Mech faction emerges as a testament to innovation and engineering, harnessing the power of Archaic Energy to fuel their mechanical wonders. In the aftermath of the great war, they saw an opportunity not in destruction, but in fusing Archaic Energy into machines and Equipment.


At the heart of their achievements lies the mechanized port. This vast harbor, alive with the hum of machinery and glow of arcane-powered engines, serves as an epicenter of their power. Amidst the labyrinth of gears and steam, the Mech faction continues to expand, driven by a relentless pursuit to harness the land and sculpt a future where their engineering redefines the landscape of Arcana.

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